Proyects / New Logo for Institute of Neurosciences "Federico Olóriz"

The idea was to create a logo for a competition proposed by Institute of Neurosciences "Federico Olóriz" of the University of Granada (Spain).

I read the contest rules and thought it would be interesting to enter the contest. An Institute dedicated to research that did not yet have a graphic image to represent it. I decided to take the time to create a good image and present it to the competition. I looked into the history of the Institute and what it was doing there. The only Neuroscience Research Institute in the Andalusian Community, and one of the few Neuroscience Institutes in Spain in recent decades. For this reason, and due to its high scientific productivity, it is now a national and international reference centre in the study of the brain, its functions and pathologies.

March 12, 2014 was International Brain Day. The institute invited me to attend the awards ceremony. It was held in the Science Park of Granada. I attended the event where I was awarded the prize for the creation of the logo for the Institute of Neurosciences of the University of Granada. I was presented with a diploma and a cheque for 300 euros. I was very grateful for the rapprochement that all the members of the Institute had. Some people I learned a lot from.

Domain of:

  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.